OCTET Pretty ...Every Take!

Established in 2015, OCTET Productions (OCTET) is a full-service film and television production company based in the District of Columbia. 

From concept creation to project delivery, OCTET takes great pride in raising the bar with every project. While the company’s expertise amplifies diverse narratives, OCTET takes satisfaction in its versatile portfolio, which spans various genres and collaborations. 

With a commitment to ensuring each project meets the ‘OCTET Pretty’ standard.

OCTET Executives

Chuck & Bree West

50+ Years of Combined Experience

OCTET Productions (OCTET) is owned and operated by Chuck and Bree West, a husband and wife based in Washington, DC. Since its inception, OCTET has been committed to producing exceptional, quality content that can rival all others in the field. 

After achieving national success with continued high viewership and industry accolades, the company has embarked on domestic and international expansion. OCTET’s diverse portfolio encompasses feature films, episodic series, theatrical production, plays, music videos, specials, and exclusive event productions.

Winning Awards

Notable Achievements Along The Journey

OCTET's latest film wins the 2024 Essence Film Festival with "A Kismet Holiday"

OCTET Productions received the Jury Award for BEST NARRATIVE for our new independent film, “A Kismet Holiday” at the 2024 Essence Film Festival! @essencefilmfestival

Our Projects

OCTET’s meticulous attention to detail is fundamental to ensuring the delivery of top-notch projects. The success of OCTET projects has garnered domestic and international attention. 

Our signature ‘OCTET Pretty’ mantra showcases our dedication to excellence and sets the standard in top-tier independent films.