The Lost Souls Cafe

THE LOST SOULS CAFÉ GENRE: DRAMA Preoccupied with personal matters, club owner and former singing sensation of the “Diamondettes”, Geneva Branch (Loretta Devine), has allowed her nephew Taylor (Christian Keyes) to co-manage her popular rhythm and blues club, The Soul Café. Visited through the years by many national R&B musical stars, The Soul Café has […]

‘Twas the Chaos Before Christmas

‘Twas The Chaos Before Christmas GENRE: HOLIDAY COMEDY Morgan and Jayla Mitchell are an affluent family from New York City, NY. They have a teenage daughter named Raven and in an effort to keep the family together over the Christmas holidays, they decide to rent a luxurious home in Washington, DC, a city where Morgan’s […]

Couples’ Night

Couples’ Night GENRE: ROMANTIC COMEDY​ When a small town Midwestern couple is transferred to Washington, DC for work, they meet another couple and their transition from “country mice” to “city mice” is filled with a tumultuous ride that sends their marriage into a tailspin. Take a peek inside our Wonderworld Previous Next

Addicted To You

Addicted To You GENRE: ROMANTIC COMEDY​ ADDICTED TO YOU takes us back and forth in time as we explore the lives of an estranged mother and her daughter both challenged by love and bound by blood. Indigo Brown, a celebrity make-up artist trying to escape her past and a tumultuous relationship in LA, moves in […]

Angrily Ever After

Angrily Ever After GENRE: ROMANTIC COMEDY​ Premiering on BET and BET Her Saturday September 21st at 8:00pm Tia Logan is a woman who has it all! She has the morning anchor position of WBX DC. She is a week away from marrying DC’s most eligible bachelor and they live in a beautiful DC home. She […]

You Can’t Hurry Love

You Can’t Hurry Love GENRE: ROMANTIC COMEDY​ Stunned from the premature passing of a childhood friend, and recent news of her ex-husband’s pregnant new wife, Angela Stephens (Latarsha Rose) realizes it’s time to shake off her 2-year stint of ‘divorce blues’ to find her happy-ever-after before it’s too late. Fate knocks at the door when […]