'Twas The Chaos
Before Christmas


Morgan and Jayla Mitchell are an affluent family from New York City, NY. They have a teenage daughter named Raven and in an effort to keep the family together over the Christmas holidays, they decide to rent a luxurious home in Washington, DC, a city where Morgan’s mother can easily join the family to celebrate Christmas. Val and Ed Russell are a working- class family and parents to teenagers Deshawn and Destiny Russell from Asheville, North Carolina. When Val hits the lottery, she chooses to spend her winnings for the family on a luxurious rental in Washington, DC over the Christmas holidays. That way, they can spend time doing free tourist activities and celebrate Christmas with Ed’s sister Shanice, a Howard University student who can’t afford to go home for the holidays. In the perfect storm, Jayla and Val, one unbeknownst to the other, book the same holiday rental on different websites, but over the same period of time. When the families all arrive at the same property, all chaos erupts. The two families cannot be more different. With the holidays in full swing, the families are stuck trying to figure out how to celebrate their Christmas holidays in their respective manners without losing it.